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Zerodha CEO Announces Bonus For Employees Who Lose Weight, People Call It A ‘Bad Idea’


You might have heard people giving incentives and bonuses to employees either to boost productivity or when they have achieved a huge target. But this company is giving bonuses to their employees who stick to a healthy lifestyle and bring their BMI (body mass index) below 25 as part of their fun health program.

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Don’t be surprised. The founder & CEO at ‘Zerodha’, Nithin Kamath, actually made this announcement on social media on World Health Day.

Nithin Kamath

Taking to LinkedIn, he wrote that anyone on their team with BMI less than 25 gets half a month’s salary as a bonus. He also added that if the team is able to bring down their average BMI from 25.3 to under 24 then everyone gets another half month’s salary as a bonus.

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