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ZipGo – Making sense of various Subscriptions

Source | LinkedIn : By Shashank Saraf

My wife often takes up a ZipGo ride to her office but isn’t committed to the service provider and thus she refuses to take on the various subscription plans offered on the mobile app based transport aggregator.

But out of the 22 working days in a month(or, 44 to and fro trips), she avails the ZipGo service atleast for the 30 of the trips.

So, I decided to dig if it makes sense to avail of their subscriptions for the 30 trips she makes using ZipGo.

Following monthly plans appear on the ZIpGo app fir her:

Gold Plan:Subscription Fee=Rs.499 & Discount per Ride= 30% on regular fareSilver Plan:Subscription Fee=Rs.399 &Discount per Ride=20% on regular fareBronze Plan: Subscription Fee=Rs.299&Discount per Ride=10% on regular

Regular Fare per ride = Rs. 69

In the analysis the aim was to get the minimum number of rides required to fully recoup the subscription fee.

For Gold plan: Minimum rides required were 25

For Silver plan: Minimum rides required were 29

For Bronze plan: Minimum rides required were 44

It is quite clear that subscription really benefits those who are regular high frequency users and the plans that will really benefit them with reduced fares is the Gold and Silver plan. To reap benefit out of the Bronze plan requires one to take up more than 44 rides while it is comparatively low number of rides in Gold and Silver plans of 24 and 29 rides respectively.

Eventually, she agreed to subscribe to the Gold plan. Quite an interesting real life application of data driven decision making.

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