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10 corporate buzzwords that show up in job listings the most—and how to use them to land a role

By | Ashton Jackson |

You may think you need to completely rework your resume or cover letter for different job opportunities, but many recruiters are looking for similar qualities in candidates.

According to new data from SimpleTexting, a text message marketing platform, recruiters use some of the same corporate lingo and expressions in job ads to attract talent. And though the report says these words can be “overused” and even “cringe-worthy,” using them could help your resume stand out. 

SimpleTexting compiled 45 buzzwords — sourced from Forbes and Inc. articles and the subreddit “r/recruitinghell” — and then analyzed over 6.6 million U.S. LinkedIn job postings to find out which of the buzzwords are used the most per every 1,000 job ads.

Based on the findings, these are the top 10 most common corporate buzzwords recruiters use in job postings:

1. Innovator

Number of job ads (per 1,000): 82.06

2. Dynamic

Number of job ads (per 1,000): 59.28


Number of job ads (per 1,000): 36.76

4. Proven track record

Number of job ads (per 1,000): 31.35

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