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10 habits of people who are always learning new things

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Just this morning, I was talking to my best friend about people who “peaked” in high school. We then drifted off to talking about what getting stuck in the past means, and we both came to the conclusion that when you’re always learning new things, there’s never a “peak.”

That’s because every chapter is exciting!

How exactly do you develop this kind of outlook? How do you become a lifelong learner who’s always on the hunt for new things to discover?

In this article, I’ll talk about the 10 habits of lifelong learners, those who find joy in constantly growing and evolving. 

Let’s get started!

1) They explore things they are curious about

Lifelong learners begin showing that love for learning from a very young age. 

They’re the ones who are infinitely curious about the world around them – those who take things apart to find out how they work, or go on nature walks and prod everything with a stick, or do science experiments…

Simply put, they’ve got to find out the what’s, where’s, how’s and why’s of things!

Curiosity is the driving force behind their hunger for knowledge, and it keeps them engaged and motivated to learn new things, even when they grow up.

These people often exhibit a child-like wonder, never losing their sense of amazement at the world around them. 

2) They read… a lot

Another thing I’ve noticed about lifelong learners is that they’re almost always avid readers. Again, that stems from their curiosity about the world. 

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