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13 Small Changes That Can Make You Instantly Happier at Home

Here's how to improve your state of mind—by improving the state of your home

By | Tina Donvito |

Happy home, happy life

There’s no one secret to how to be happy. Finding happiness is both about your attitude and your circumstances, and there are several small and large changes you can make to be happier. But even if you’ve already decided to try new things, learn how to practice gratitude and protect your non-negotiables, it’s possible you still aren’t feeling quite as happy are you’d like to.

If that’s the case, the problem could be your living space. The good news is that there are some easy fixes! Your home should be a safe space of rest and relaxation, but more frequently it seems to feel like the closets are constantly overflowing and the dishes piling up. We’ve all been there! But a happy home creates a happy life, where it’s easier to focus on moments of joy and have a positive attitude. From decluttering to changing the lighting, these are some easy ways to feel happier at home.

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Keep clutter to a minimum

The piles of mail! The tower of books in the corner! The tchotchkes crowding every surface! If this sounds like your home, you’re not alone. The first step to being truly happy in your space is to figure out what to keep—and what to let go.

“A cluttered room is much more likely to produce, and contribute to, a cluttered mind,” says professional organizer Marie Kondo, creator of the KonMari method and author of the bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. “I believe that only in an uncluttered room, which enables an uncluttered mind, can you truly focus your attention and your energy on the matters in your life which are preventing you from reaching your truest happiness.”

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