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15 traits of a smart person

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Smart people come in all forms, but they all have some things in common.

And if you’ve ever wondered if you are genuinely smart yourself, you can try keeping an eye out for these things.

In this article are 15 traits of a smart person that can’t be faked.

1) You doubt yourself a lot

The funny thing about being smart is that people believe you would be full of confidence simply because you know things.

But that’s far from the case—in fact, there’s this well-known phenomenon called the Dunning-Kruger syndrome.

Basically, people who don’t know a lot tend to be the ones most confident with their abilities. But as they know more, they become aware of just how much they don’t know and start losing their confidence.

So if you’re always doubting yourself, especially if you know you used to be very confident before, then trust me—you’re probably quite smarter than you think!

2) You don’t immediately take others on their word

You doubt yourself, yes, but you also doubt others instead of just taking people at their word.

It’s not like you would call yourself a contrarian and make it a point to doubt everyone on principle.

A more accurate description of who you are would be “skeptic”—whenever someone makes a claim of some kind, you would try to verify yourself whether or not what they said is true before you accept or dismiss their words.

You do this regardless of whether or not that statement supports your own personal beliefs and biases or goes against them.

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