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5 Forward-Moving Procrastination Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

By | Yousuf Rafi |

You remember the famous speech of Martin Luther King. The night before the speech. Martin Luther King was busy re-writing the speech till 3 am in the morning.

And right before he was about to give the speech, sitting in the audience he was still editing the draft. I am sure, he was not correcting his grammar.

11 minutes on the stage, he said the historical 4 words, ‘I have a dream’ and the best part, these words were not even in the speech which he wrote.

So, where did the words came from? Yes, Martin Luther King did deliberate procrastination to unleash his creative genius.

“You call it procrastinating I call it thinking.” ~Aaron Sorkin

Procrastination is labeled as a negative word. But William Shakespeare said it best “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

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