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5 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

Interviews are nerve-wracking stuff, and it's easy to panic while waiting to hear the outcome. Here's how to tell if your interview went well or not


Interviews are nerve-wracking for most job seekers because it is usually the final step that determines whether you’ll be hired or not. Because you only get one chance at an interview, it takes a lot of time to prepare.

Now you’ve completed the interview, but like so many others, your interviewer has one of those unreadable poker faces. You have no way of knowing whether your interview went well or if you blew it. Here’s a rundown of five signs to help you decide whether you did well in the interview or not.

1. If Your Conversation Flowed Seamlessly

woman giving an interview

One of the telltale signs that your interview went well is the flow of your conversation with the interviewer. If your conversation had a natural back-and-forth feel rather than a stiff Q&A session, then you’re okay.

Rather than interrogating you, your interviewer appeared relaxed and engaged in quality dialogue focused on your skill set. That’s a good sign that you aced your interview, and it could be taken as a sign that you have good social skills.

Still, a robotic conversation does not always mean your interview went badly. Some companies require interviewers to only ask specific questions, which can lead to a strained conversation.

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