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5 Things You Can Do to Cure Your Nostalgia Craving

By | Rayanne Morriss

Nostalgia is the ability to remember fond memories. People with a lot of nostalgia are driven to remember, seek out, and edit their memory. They’ll tell stories about old times in which they made things happen the way they did, or try to remember the past and then edit out those memories that don’t fit their nostalgic view or are too painful. This can easily get in the way of your present happiness.

1. Meditation

Meditate on your success and positive attributes. It will bring you back to what is working in your life right now. Meditation will help you take in the present moment and fill your brain with new input that is good for you. Start by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in, then exhale and begin to focus on one thing.

You can meditate on yourself by envisioning yourself in the present moment. Visualize something happy and peaceful such as a beach, or meditate on the negative thought that is haunting you. Whatever it is getting you down, once you’ve narrowed it down to one idea or memory, try to picture yourself ridding yourself of that worry. The sessions should first be about 20-30 minutes, but you can increase your time as you become more proficient.

2. Stimulate Your Senses

This can be done by re-experiencing smells, tastes, or sounds. Experiment with what you feel are the most beneficial ways to stimulate yourself to counteract your nostalgia craving. Do something that brings you back to the present moment and stimulates your nervous system. Go for a walk, take a trip to your favorite store, taste different kinds of food, or do a back massage. Stimulate your senses to remind you that now is all that’s real.

The stimulation will recreate the patterns you want to remember in your brain. If nostalgia is about longing for happy memories, you want to create those same happy memories for yourself now. You can make a new goal, push your creative muscles, or make something new. The more senses you involve, the greater the impact on your brain.

3. Surround Yourself With Friends, Family, and Love

People who have a lot of nostalgia crave belonging and attention. They crave intimacy with their friends and family members. Those memories will help them feel connected to others again, and remind them of who they are, and what they contribute to society. Surrounding yourself with people who enjoy you, care about you, and want to spend time with you will promote a sense of belonging.

You are unique, and the people in your life want what’s best for you. They want to be around someone happy because that’s contagious. You can attract a lot of good energy into your life by surrounding yourself with it. Love people, love yourself, and be happy.

4. Give Something Back

That sense of purpose and contribution will make you feel good inside. You’ll feel like you’re positively impacting someone else’s life, and it will help alleviate the longing for past moments of contribution. Look for opportunities to give back, and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Giving with a smile can be just as playful and enjoyable as receiving. Taking care of others and giving back is an amazing way to add passion to your life. You’ll have a sense of purpose and achievement, plus it makes you feel good about yourself. You’ll also be in a better mood knowing that you’ve improved the lives of others.

5. Music

Music can bring you out of the past and into what’s happening in the present. It can help you change your mood and return to a positive state of mind. You can use it to help create new memories. The more times you expose yourself to music with positive lyrics or melodies, the stronger your memory of happiness will be in your present moment reality.

There are many different genres of music, but all of them have the power to stimulate your brain to make you feel a certain way. If you’re feeling nostalgic, listen to happy music. If you feel depressed and need some motivation, listen to power songs. Whatever type of music makes you feel good, listen to it. A CD printing service can produce custom CDs, so you can create a music program that works for your mood and purpose.


Nostalgia is something that most people will crave at some point, and there are many ways you can go about curing it. Reliving the past isn’t always so bad, as it can help you to feel happy and calm. No matter if you listen to music, spend time with people, or stimulate your senses, there’s always a way to feel the way you used to again.

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