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Being a “Connector” is the new role of Middle managers to promote engagement, productivity and retention!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ TechnipFMC with HR KPIs expertise

People managers are at the front line, ensuring the right people are doing the right work, but they face a world where the work and the skills needed to do it is changing faster than ever.

💡 There are some important ways managers can “connect” people in order to aid retention, engagement and productivity and close those all-important skills gaps in the business and are explained below.

☝️ Most managers are what researchers might call “accidental managers”; they were excellent individual contributors, promoted to the “next level” of being a manager of people but they were never actually trained in managing people.

🎯 Also around a third of the C-level executives believed that the managers in their organization need additional training in strategic thinking, in decision making, in emotional intelligence, and in relationship management some of the most important elements in managing teams, according to a new interesting research published by Beamery using data from members of the C-suite, as well as people managers, in large businesses in the UK and US.

✅Middle Manager are struggling with too many administrative tasks

Most time consuming and most important manager tasks

Researchers found that the most time consuming partsof managers job are ‘completing HR activities’ with 32%. then improving work quality, providing feedback/coaching, and monitoring work outcomes were also in the top 4.

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