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Confidence – The Ghost Buster !

By | Adil Malia |

If you see a Ghost, worry not. I will tell you a special , powerful cuss word supported by a ghost-buster ritual. It is a sure-shot mantra backed by a magical chant . You utter it with confidence and the Ghost will run away , forever.

When you see a Ghost – first, stare it straight in its eye.

Rule #1. Ghosts are scared when someone sees it in its eyes. It runs away.

Rule #2. Don’t run away from the Ghost. The Ghost is a tail-chaser. If you run, the ghost chases you. But let me share a secret. The ‘Achilles Heel’ of the ghost is its tail. If it believes you will pull its tail, it will run away from you at Devil’s speed.

Rule #3. The Ghost is a bully. Tries to scare you but if you shout back and utter this ‘Mantra’ it will run away as if it saw the Devil in you …. the Mantra is simple @@###$%%%* @@$%#@@& OR say its English translation : – “You Twit of a Problem, you disguse in that cloak to scare me ? Get out before I smash you into pulp”.

Ghosts and Problems are both in your mind. They come knocking. Let your confidence open the door and see the ghost run and sweat to escape from you.

Ghost is only the exaggerated version of doubts,fears and suspicions in your mind. ‘Confidence’ speaks in a very powerful and hypnotic tone whose cadence is mesmerizing and extols the victory of Man over the evil forces of its own Doubts & Suspicions.

Don’t doubt it…just shout it and experience for yourself.

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