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Joining the workforce? Here’s how you can ace your journey

In a webinar by The Economic Times, experts emphasized the importance of having the right skills and building a strong network when searching for a job. They advised using assessment tools to identify strengths and finding a job that suits these strengths. They also stressed the significance of a well-crafted cover letter and warned against lying on resumes

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Finding the right type of job is a daunting task. As a fresher, it can sometimes be very confusing to know which direction to head in. In a webinar conducted by The Economic Times, experts Neeti Sharma, President & Co-Founder, TeamLease Edtech, and Lekha Palakkot, Director and Learning, Brillio said that the network, CV, cover letter are some of the important first steps that one needs to take to find the relevant job.

“Having the right skillset is one of the important aspect of getting the right job. Assessment tools can help you understand what you are good at and what are your strong suits. Based on this result, look for a job that suits you the best and will be relevant for you. Once you decide the type of job, explore the organisations in your industry and narrow down your list,” Neeti said.

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