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Leadership Bobbles – SUSPICION

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What exactly is a Bobble ? A leadership flaw, error or bumble…that what makes a leader fall and thus fail. It is something that messes up leadership. I listed out nearly 12 as I looked back to list from my experience in Coaching. Will write a post on each one of them …. let me begin with SUSPICION.

Leadership thrives on unflinching integrity & loyalty. Unfortunately, both of these qualities can easily be faked until it becomes rather too late for the leadet. Such are ‘Confidence Tricksters’ – they first work to deceptively win the Leader’s confidence and then having won it, find an opportunate moment to deceive.

A Leader therefore is always on guard. In his team , particularly the ‘Inner Circle’, he only seeks presence of those whose Integrity is undouted or personal loyalty unflinching in his mind.

An imaginary ‘Line Of Doubt ‘ separates Integrity and Loyalty from the dishonest and traitorous. You have to cross the line. This is not a common line separating all. For every individual on the Leader’s team, the leader draws his/ her own line of suspicion, based on experience or inner gut. Leader’s develop their own ingenious tests to conclude if the individual crosses over this ‘Line of Suspicion’ and thus IN or OUT from the ‘Inner Circle’.

Unfortunately, so rocky and uneven is the path of Leadership that unless a Leader has strong character or can shake-off his Persecution Mania, he finds it very difficult to trust others and thus continues to be iffy, imaginary or suspicious in his transactions .. This marks the beginning of the Leader’s fall. Much as what the other person may do or try to win confidence & trust of the leader, it is not in his hands at all. It is actually in the mind of the Leader.

Suspicious nature is a Leadership Boble. Comes seriously in the way of his success as he is unable to expand his team due to lack of confidence. Thus he becomes unpopular and ends up either relying on sycophants & fakers or getting all important things to be done and managed only by his coterie of Loyals.

What should a good leader do ? Rather than beginning with distrust unless a follower earns trust through ardous efforts, a good leader begins with Trust unless he sees evidence or reasons to distrust.

And that would be the path to Leadership success. If you are suspicious by nature better know your weakness before it crumbles the cookie.

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