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Supply chain Organizations should consider a variety of human-centered strategies related to their use of supply chain to empower Human workers!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

💡 Supply chains are run by people, and human-centricity is the key.

📣 More than a third of organizations (39%) are already using supply chain technologies such as AI to empower human workers to be more productive and make better decisions, not to replace them.

📈 Similarly, many organizations are considering human-centric technology strategies as they increase their focus on use of AI for decision making (47%).

〰️ Leaders should encourage learning and communicate that learning is an everyday part of the job. This means recognizing and rewarding learning within the flow of work.

🦾 45% of companies are using technology as an enabler for human decision-making, to improve sustainability/visibility 42% and to empower human workers (40%), according to a new interesting research called “2024 MHI Annual Industry report” published by MHI: The Association That Makes Supply Chains Work and Deloitte using data 📊 from over 1,700 manufacturing and supply chain industry leaders (executive-level positions such as CEO, Vice President, General Manager, Department Head, or Engineering Management) from a wide range of industries at the end of 2023.

✅Recruiting is the first challenge for supply chain industry

Talent Shortage and retaining talents are main challenges

Researchers found that Supply chain Organizations consider recruiting and keeping qualified workers as their greatest challenge aside from inflation.

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