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The share of Boomerang employees has increased steadily since the pandemic and 80% of them come back within 5 years!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

πŸ“£ Boomeranging is not relatively rare any more!

πŸ’‘ Around 50% of boomerang employees return within two years of their departure, and around 80% come back within five years.

πŸ”₯ According to recent studies, nearly 30% of β€œnew hires” were actually boomerang hires who had resigned within the last 36 months. And nearly 20% of workers who quit their jobs during the pandemic have since returned to their old employers.

πŸ“ˆ The share of boomerang employees among people who started new positions each month in these companies has stayed fairly constant at around 2.6% before the pandemic up until mid-2021, but it has increased steadily since then, according to a new interesting research published by Revelio Labs using data πŸ“Š from an internal Revelio dataset in large companies with at least 500 new hires in the past year.

βœ…Who are “boomerang employees”?

Researchers define a boomerang employee as one who ended a position at one employer, worked for at least one other employer in between, and then started a new position at the original employer that they left.

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