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This former CEO cut her 70-hour workweek down to 30 with 3 productivity hacks—start with ‘tossing your to-do list’

By | Rebecca Picciotto |

In her early thirties, Tanya Dalton was building her first company, working 12 to 14-hour days and raising two young kids.

While struggling to manage her busy life in all of the typical ways — impossibly long to-do lists and an overflowing calendar — she soon realized something was off.

“I was wearing myself out, exhausting myself and then wondering why I was so tired but still so unsatisfied,” Dalton tells CNBC Make It. “I’d go to bed at night, and I would feel like, ‘Why didn’t I get more done?’”

It was clear something needed to change after she became instantly heated at her husband for spending an extra five minutes in the car in their driveway after work, listening to a program on the radio.

“I was inside ready for him to come take over for the kids so I could get more stuff done,” Dalton recalls.

Rather than resenting her husband for taking a few minutes for himself, she realized she was angry at the fact that she couldn’t afford herself that same alone time within the chaos of her daily life: “I wouldn’t give myself five minutes to laugh at the radio.”

Since then, Dalton says she has been at work “tearing down and breaking down the old systems” of her workflow. Now, six years later, Dalton works until 3 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays.

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