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What Are The Best Examples Of Augmented Reality?

By | Bernard Marr

Augmented reality (AR) can add value, solve problems and enhance the user experience in nearly every industry. Businesses are catching on and increasing investments to drive the growth of augmented reality, which makes it a crucial part of the tech economy.

What is augmented reality?

Basically, augmented reality technology takes a real-world environment and adds a computer-generated input to it. The real-world and the augmented environments can then interact together and be digitally manipulated. As augmented reality technology matures, the number of applications continues to grow and can influence our shopping, entertainment, work and more.


When shopping for clothes, shoes, glasses or anything else we’d wear, it’s natural to want to “try it on” before we purchase it. When we’re shopping for furniture or other items for our home, wouldn’t it be great if we could see how the items would look in our home? Now, we can with the help of augmented reality. Since the technology and tools to support AR apps are more ubiquitous than ever, expect AR growth to accelerate. Vyking is one company leading the way for augmented reality in retail. They use it to allow shoppers to “try on” a pair of shoes via their smartphone screen. Converse is another footwear company that uses immersive tech to enable customers to try on kicks from its online catalog.

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