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Why ‘Stand Up and Tell Us About Yourself’ Is Pure Torture for Introverts

By | Christine Bernard |

There’s simply something about having everyone’s eyes on you that may cause introverts to panic.

Imagine this scenario: You’re at a work or school event, or perhaps a party you thought would be a good idea to attend. Everything is going well. The people are great. The food is even better. Despite your initial hesitancy, you start thinking that you might even say yes to the next event.

Then, just as you’ve started to relax, the well-meaning host announces: “Let’s get to know each other. Please stand up one at a time and tell us a little about yourself.”

Just like that, you regret ever leaving the house. You wish, beyond all wishes, that you could go back in time and say no.

Yet, these things happen, no matter how much we introverts may try to avoid them. It has happened to me, many times, although my most recent one was worse: “Stand up and do a dance that best represents you.” I’m not kidding. May the ground open up and swallow me whole. Have you ever seen the dance of the introvert? Of course not.

Why This Introvert Hates ‘Tell Us About Yourself’

For some people, this icebreaker is no problem. They’d simply stand up, tell the group about themselves, and then sit down. They might even throw in the odd joke. You know, no big deal.

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