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10 Things to Be Grateful for as an Entrepreneur

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Right around Thanksgiving, I tend to count my blessings, both in my personal life and my professional one. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can probably relate to many of these things that I’m grateful for as a small business owner.

Reasons to be grateful you’re an entrepreneur

1. Being in control of your life

Sure, sometimes running a business is stressful. But I don’t have a boss making unreasonable demands on me. So how I manage my stress and that work-life balance is completely up to me. I can work myself into a heart attack, but I’d rather spend time with my kids and rely on my staff to help me grow my company.

2. Your employees that help you do more

Speaking of staff, if you’re like me, you’re honored to be surrounded by people who care as much about your business as you do. I attribute this to hiring the right people, which, once you do, allows you to grow your business so much faster.

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