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11 things all great leaders never do

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Great leaders are often called upon to take action and confront difficult challenges. 

This takes grit and creative problem solving. 

It also means knowing how to lead and what to do when the pressure is on. 

Here are the most important things all great leaders never do (and what they do instead).

1) Pass the blame

Great leaders don’t pass the blame. 

It might truly be somebody else’s fault, but they don’t focus on that.

In fact a great leader will sometimes even take the blame for a mistake or problem that they know for a fact is someone else’s fault. 


Because leaders are about results and about forward progress, not about vindictiveness or focusing on blame. 

Furthermore, they don’t like to pick out one person and emphasize how they screwed up, because in many cases this can fracture the strength of a team and lead to a bitter cycle of recriminations. 

There will be times when blame is necessary and punishment or consequences are called for, but whenever possible, a great leader focuses on solutions rather than on calling out wrongdoers. 

And when they mess up, they own it.

The great leader never passes the blame. Instead, they focus on moving forward and keeping people focused on the mission.

2) Procrastinate

The next of the things all great leaders never do (and what they do instead) is procrastinate. 

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