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12 words and phrases to avoid when giving feedback

By | Alyson Garrido |

Providing feedback gets easier with time and practice. The anticipation and lead up to the conversation is typically worse than the actual meeting, so don’t be afraid to jump in and share feedback that will help your friend or colleague improve. Effective feedback is detailed, timely and intended to help the recipient perform in the best way possible.

In order to ensure that your good intentions are at the forefront, avoid these phrases that may derail your conversation or leave the wrong impression.

1. To be honest …

This phrase implies that there was a time when you were not being honest. It is also regularly a precursor to a surprising piece of information. Simply remove this phrase from your feedback conversation.

2. Actually …

I strongly believe that this phrase has no business in any professional correspondence. It’s jarring to read and hear as it immediately implies that the person on the receiving end has misspoken, missed an important piece of information or is generally an idiot. Remove this single word to change the tone of your message.

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