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3 breathing exercises to ease your anxiety during stressful times

Slower breathing can reduce anxiety and fear, while increasing the ability to reason

By | A. Pawlowski |

There are no shortage of anxiety-inducing situations to keep us up at night, from the stress of our own day-to-day lives to the collective concerns of disease outbreaks, political unrest and disturbing news.

When you begin to feel the weight of these stressors, psychologists say feeling calmer is a matter of something you likely take for granted: your breath.

Change it and you can change your emotions by altering the signals that go to the brain, said Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College and coauthor of “The Healing Power of the Breath.”

“The brain listens to the lungs, so the way that we breathe has a tremendous effect on how the brain functions for many different mechanisms,” Gerbarg told TODAY.

“The messages from the respiratory system are very powerful and very rapid, and we think they have top priority.”

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