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5 reasons teams choose to follow leaders

There is no shortage of people in leadership roles, but what makes teams choose to follow some leaders and remain loyal? Here are five reasons

Source | | Moira Alexander

Having a leadership role or playing the role is one thing; being a leader worth following can be a lot trickier. Here are five reasons teams choose to faithfully stand by some leaders over others. 

Leaders consistently keep their word

Whether favorable or unfavorable news has to be shared with their teams, good leaders are transparent and communicate in a timely manner. If they promise something, they keep their word and avoid making promises that they are unable to deliver. This level of consistency is something that teams of any kind can rely on and appreciate. Establishing this high level of trust makes it easy for teams to develop comfort and a strong sense of loyalty. Ultimately, trust is one of the most important factors that determine whether team members will follow one leader above another.

Leaders go to bat for their team

Teams tend to watch leaders closely to see if they are showing support for them during times of need. From getting the right tools and championing projects, to putting forth innovative ideas, leaders are always under scrutiny. When leaders demonstrate that they are willing to back their teams, team members feel supported and are much more likely to be loyal. This concept is strictly a matter of human nature. It’s almost impossible to expect support if you are unwilling to give it.

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