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5 Reasons Your Company Should be Investing in Mindfulness Training

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  • Mindfulness isn't just good for us as individuals. Here's how it can help your company grow.

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Over the past decade, mindfulness has gone from fringe spiritual practice to mainstream obsession. Oprah meditates. Steve Jobs did it. Katy Perry does it. 

And yet, with all the hype surrounding mindfulness, it’s easy to lose sight of its real benefits for businesses. Meditation, the core practice of mindfulness training, doesn’t just make you feel good or give your face a radiant glow. Research on this practice shows that meditation and mindfulness training more generally offer businesses a real ROI. 

Put simply, when it comes to bringing mindfulness into the workplace, it’s not just the right thing to do. It’s also a sound investment that pays out real returns over the long run. 

According to an emerging body of research, when companies invest in mindfulness, they are likely to experience the following five benefits.

1. Mindfulness reduces employee stress and mitigates the risk of burnout.

The world of work has fundamentally changed over the past 20 years. We now go through our days with supercomputers in our pockets. We’re able to communicate around the globe in seconds. Despite the obvious advantages of our faster, more connected world, our current age also comes with a powerful challenge: We now live in an “always on” state of perpetual stress and technological distraction

Mindfulness works as a powerful counterbalance to this ordinary state. Numerous studies suggest that mindfulness practice helps employees reduce stress and build what just might be the most valuable capacity in the digital age: resilience. One recent study, for instance, showed that the benefits of mindfulness training extend beyond the individuals doing the practice. Researchers found that even the direct reports of managers who practice mindfulness experience lower rates of emotional exhaustion.
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