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5 Totally Valid Reasons to Stay in a Job You Hate

By | Kat Boogaard |

Every Monday morning, you wake up with your stomach in knots and a looming sense of impending dread. Even the mere thought of throwing off the covers and turning on your coffee pot makes you grit your teeth and clench your fists. Why? Well, you absolutely hate your job.

I totally get it—dragging yourself out of bed every morning in order to spend the day working in a position you positively loathe isn’t fun. In fact, it’s downright draining. But, we all know that leaving your soul-sucking job involves a lot more than simply packing up your cubicle, waving goodbye to your boss, and heading off for greener pastures.

As discouraging as it might seem, plenty of people survive in jobs that they strongly dislike. And, believe it or not, there are actually a few logical reasons for sticking it out and hanging on. In fact, here are five good motives to do just that—even just for a little while longer.

1. Money

Maybe it seems a little trite to bring up finances right off the bat. But, let’s be honest—feeling fulfilled and emotionally enriched by your position doesn’t pay the bills.

However taboo, money is an important factor for you to consider when you’re thinking about switching jobs. So, if your current position is granting you a hefty paycheck for your misery, it might be worth hanging onto.

No, you don’t need to tough it out for your entire career. But, building up a decent savings account will allow you to have a sense of comfort and security when you move onto something better—especially if that next, more fulfilling position involves a pay cut.

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