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7 Core Values You Need to Adopt for a Successful Business

By | Elliott Noble-Holt |

The evolution of my business from a bare-bones startup to a robust nationally recognized enterprise has been an impactful lesson in manifesting one’s dream. I’d like to say that it was all part of a grandmaster plan. But it wasn’t.

Through my first 10 years in business, I was my only salesperson. I grew my medical records business by cold calling, taking decision-makers to breakfast or lunch meetings, and more importantly, relying on word of mouth. From my very first client, I established and followed a few business guidelines. These served me well, from the time 22 years ago when I was just starting out with a copy machine at my kitchen table, to eventually providing a foundational set of values for MediCopy’s 200-plus employees across the country. 

Instinctively, I knew when I conceived the business idea that it was important to have basic common sense rules that aligned with the expectations of the customers, clients, and patients I served. These had to address the needs and desires of all three. As MediCopy grew and evolved, the rules eventually turned into our core values. They’ve proven key to the company’s success.  

Every decision made is based on our core values, whether it’s hiring or firing, bringing on new clients, choosing a vendor, or creating KPIs for our team. They guide us in what we do and how we do it.  

These seven core values have been a key to our success:

1. Maintain 100-percent accountability.

This simple, commonsense but effective rule comes down to holding ourselves and our co-workers accountable for deadlines, projects, hiring, sales, and every other element of fulfilling our company’s role. This doesn’t just apply to large projects, but extends to every simple task, such as replying to emails or returning calls in a timely manner and demonstrating/valuing urgency in business and follow through.

2. Offer open and honest communication.

Again, it’s common sense that “honesty is the best policy,” but so many people either hide the truth, lie, or are too timid to express themselves openly. Some may evade the truth for fear of hurting someone, stepping on someone’s toes, or confronting an uncomfortable situation. But dishonesty always makes a difficult situation worse. My motto is to “Live so you don’t have to explain,” and that means adhering to honesty in every situation.

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