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7 things to never apologize for at work

By | Lindsay Tigar |

If you work, you have guilt. Whether it’s deadlines, time with family, or shutting off email, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing we owe our whole lives to our employers and, as a result, apologizing all the time.

We can even end up apologizing for things we’re good at. What about that time you finished a project early and your co-worker gave you some side-eye, so you apologize for being ahead of the curve?

Or when you got a promotion and someone at your same level was passed over — did you drop that ‘sorry’ bomb then, too?

While being mindful and grateful are always important qualities of any successful’s person’s career path, it is also important to be confident and bold with your abilities and responsibilities. Being self-assured is an attractive career quality. False humility can be cloying and will make people dislike you

“Confidence should be your greatest tool for your career— assuming of course that you are in a job that fits your skills. Without confidence, your employer would not have found you. Everything about the job search, and being promoted in your career is supported by confidence,” executive career coach Tina Mertel explains. “Confidence allows you to state what you deserve, what’s not working, and what you want. Confidence helps you build relationships with those you manage, your peers, your customers, and your vendors. Without confidence, you may be hoping to be noticed or wondering why your work isn’t recognized.” 

Here are things you should never (ever!) apologize for at work:

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