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8 Affordable Trips for You and Your Friends

By | Elizabeth Howard

It is so important to spend time with your friends, and one of the best ways to do that is to go on a trip together. As you are probably aware, trips can get expensive. Thankfully, though, there are budget-friendly options that are available to you and your friends, including the eight options found below.

1. Oahu, Hawaii

If you want to take your friends somewhere that feels like an international destination without the price tag, consider Oahu. You will find beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters, and chances to go diving and snorkeling. All beaches are free for you to enjoy, and you can hike for free throughout many of the dense jungles throughout the state. There are even affordable rental cars and lodging options for you to choose from.

2. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a small town within the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina that is perfect for a getaway at any time of the year, but especially in the fall. You will find plenty of outdoor opportunities such as hiking and rafting. There is also a wonderful downtown area full of culture with art museums, unique shops to browse, and plenty of bars to indulge and eat.

3. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island is one of the most affordable towns in the northeast due to its walkability. You will find free options such as the Cliff Walk which takes you past some of the mansions you can gaze upon, and there are free beaches. Find bars and seafood restaurants that are casual and inexpensive enough to fit the price needs that you may have as a group.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

If you and your friends are music lovers, you have to book an inexpensive getaway to Nashville. You will find lodging options for as little as around $60 a night, which is a great price when you are looking to stay right in the heart of downtown. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, and be sure to make your way to East Nashville to see some of the top restaurants in the area.

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia can give you the getaway that you and your friends want for going to a big city without having a big cut to your budget. Philadelphia is rather compact as well so you can easily get from one side to another for a short getaway. Experience all that history has to offer here as this is where the Liberty Bell is found and even where the infamous Independence Hall is located.

6. Park City, Utah

If you and your friends are winter weather lovers, you have to go to Park City, Utah. This town is perfect for an affordable trip to a ski resort where anyone can practice the sport no matter the level they are at. There are plenty of shopping opportunities and entertainment options for any friends you have who may not like to ski as well.

7. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a perfect getaway option that is affordable if you are looking to take care of yourself and experience wellness. There are so many spas and salt caves for you to climb through in the city if you are up for the hikes. Be sure to book an affordable stay that has views of the red rocks and pools to relax in and enjoy while you are at it.

8. Go Camping

The final and most affordable option for a getaway with your friends is to go camping. There are camping opportunities throughout the United States with Toledo Bend camping in Lousiana at the Toledo Bend State Park and camping even on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in California. All you need is a reservation for a campsite and a tent where you and your friends can all sleep under the stars and experience nature.

Final Thoughts

You and your friends can really bond together when you are interested in going on a getaway together. Consider one of the cities listed above or even consider a trip camping for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Plus, all of these trips are budget-friendly if finances are worrisome for you.


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