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Boese: Why more HR tech isn’t necessarily better

Source | | Steve Boese

At the recent HR Technology Conference, keynote speaker Marcus Buckingham debuted findings from a new ADP Research Institute report about measuring performance and the impact of HR through the lens of employee experience. The deeply researched report showed which experiences drive employee satisfaction with their HR function, offered a short set of questions that employers can ask to learn how employees evaluate HR and, importantly, explored how the employee assessment of HR influences the organization’s talent brand.

Think of the perception of the talent brand through a simple Net Promoter Score metric: “How likely are you, as an employee, to recommend the organization as a place to work to friends and family?” The institute’s research showed that employees who see HR in a positive light—the report calls it “Value Promoting”—are much more likely to recommend the organization as a place to work than employees who see HR as simply “Performing” the basic duties of HR, or worse, those who view HR as actually “Value Detracting” from their experience at work.

These findings are interesting, for sure, but for me—someone who primarily thinks about how HR technologies can improve work and workplaces and create better employee experiences—the portions of the research that refer to the effects of HR technology on the employee experience of HR were most compelling. Before diving into the implications for HR technology and HR tech professionals, let’s review what the research revealed about which characteristics related to better employee experiences with HR organizations.

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