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Creating a successful “Dynamic Workforce” allows global Organization to build constant transformation and creates an enormous competitive advantage!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | HR analytics, HR KPIs

💡 Companies that were best at executing transformation saw their market capitalization increase by an average of 54% over the last five years.

🚀 Companies that are better at using the Dynamic Workforce model for transformation are beating those that cling to the static model in various areas. The best companies are nearly twice as likely to gain competitive advantages.

🎯 The global organization are managing on average 20 ongoing transformation initiatives at any given time a number they predict will increase over the next few years (2026).

💥 Transformation Leaders are nearly twice as likely to gain competitive advantages as “Transformation Laggards,” those whose leaders told that they had achieved their key goals in less than half their transformation initiatives.

The most successful companies utilize a mix that includes almost 50% outside talent. They rigorously scope out the right skills, bringing individuals together to form an extraordinarily collaborative unit with a strong sense of both culture and purpose. 42% of companies didn’t have enough internal talent to fully staff their transformation initiatives in 2022.

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