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Emotional Health checklist – clues from the body & lifestyle

Source | | Kanmani | Writer & Psychotherapist

The mind-body connection is deeper than we realize. As research reveals how intrinsically connected mental and physical health are, it’s important for us to do regular check-ups for our emotional wellbeing as well.

Our body is where our emotional, spiritual and physical existence meet. Therefore, self-care at the emotional level also involves the body and lifestyle.

We may have many breakthroughs in therapy, practice affirmations and change patterns. But the body is where all these changes are assimilated. The body thus, could give the first clues of a disturbed emotional health.

Here is a checklist that can help you assess your physical and emotional health on a regular basis.

Basics: Are you running on reserve?

Before we look at our emotional landscape, we need to start with the basics. Our physical routine and quality of life, can reveal a lot more about our emotional wellbeing, than we acknowledge. Here is a quick list to ensure you are taking care of your basic needs and making note of areas that need extra attention.

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