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Employee Life events and changes have a serious negative impact on their productivity and therefore cost organizations dearly !

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | Leading Global HR Analytics, Driving Business Growth

💡 The effects of changes in employees’ personal lives should not be ignored because they strongly affect their professional lives.

💔 Divorce is the second most significant life stressor, following death of a spouse.

✔️ More than 70% of employees may have reduced productivity due to their own divorce or a co-worker’s.

📉 1 year post-divorce, productivity is down an additional 20%, with co-workers losing 2 % and managers losing 1%.

🔥 The mean percentage of work productivity loss due to caregiving was 22.9%.

✔️ The need for caregiving has a significant impact on employment. Caregiver absenteeism costs the US economy approximately $25.2 billion in lost productivity

☠︎ Grief in the workplace costs companies as much as $225.8 billion dollars per year, according to a new interesting research published by ApiaryLife in partnership with Santa Barbara Actuaries called “The Effect of Life Events on the Working Population” using data 📊 from two different extensive surveys of 517 employees during June 2023.

✅Caregiving has a significant impact on employee Productivity

Effect of Caregiving on Employment

Researchers found that the majority of caregivers report a change in employment, including reduction in hours, leave of absence or leaving employment.

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