Entrepreneurs Get Early New Year’s Gift From Ratan Tata: A Startup Pitch Deck

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  • The Tata chairman emeritus uploaded a 16-slide pitch deck
  • The deck is meant to be a guide to first-time entrepreneurs
  • As long as there is that fire in your heart, you will find a way, he sums up

As the world is gearing up for Christmas and New Year’s, startup enthusiasts in India got a present weeks before the rest of the world. The chairman emeritus of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata, took to Instagram to talk about first-time entrepreneurs pitching to investors and even uploaded pitch deck – a basic template to help startups impress investors.

On Tuesday (December 3), the 81-year-old investor conducted a poll on Instagram and asked his social media followers if they would like him to put together a basic pitch deck template.

24 hours later, 97% of people said yes and within minutes Ratan Tata uploaded a 16-slide presentation, which spoke about the most important things any pitch by a first-time entrepreneur should have. For starters, a pitch deck is a brief presentation that entrepreneurs compile and present during meetings and while seeking a round of financing from investors.

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