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Execution Orientation – A Critical Capability

By | Adil Malia |

It is critical and everybody understands that the team which does not have Execution capabilities is bound to be the loser. 

There is a bit more to the science to Execution than getting into high burst energy driven action triggered by the word ‘GO’.

Let me carve out the four behaviours beyond speed that drive Execution bias…

1. Strategise, plan & organize first. Only than switch on the enterprise energy tap. The gates of the Energy Dam have to be shut until then.Energy unchanalised is wasted. Only when energy is driven in positive direction at the right time does it give the desired results.

2. Stretch goals & squash your deadlines. Run extra miles and that maketh difference to execution. Action does not have only ‘Speed’ parameter.

3. Determine suitable milestones and give directional feedback on performance at each of these stages. Execution without timely feedback is like learning that you have overeaten on your Dinner table only when you experience indigestion in bed !

4. Drive for team Unity. Energy required for action gains quantum proportions when synergy is built into the Execution equation.

A wise leader at the top has to know when to come closer and when to step away from strategy…for unless he steps back, he will lose his focus on Execution and that will make the ultimate difference.

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