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goDeskless is a cloud-based workforce automation platform specially designed for the "deskless workforce" - your frontline field champions that interface with your customers and prospects.

The deskless workers often work in disconnected mode, and depend on the office-based CRM users for critical customer information. Lack of access to right information creates operational inefficiencies. The dependency on CRM creates customer experience friction with the three-way communication challenges between the customer, the CRM user, and the deskless worker, and results into significant revenue loss.

We solve these challenges by automating enterprise field operations in disconnected mode so the deskless workers always have access to local data to function regardless of connectivity, and using AI to connect consumers to the deskless workers without CRM intervention or dependency.

Our AI-powered OnDemand Service Platform transforms enterprise data into Fast Data, and combines it with engaging experience. This allows workers to better utilize information and consistently achieve higher efficiencies in deskless mode.

We sell white-label ready smart-apps designed to work on smart phones and tablets for both consumers, as well as deskless workers. We provide a consumer facing app for our customers' end users, and a field workforce management app for our customers' field workers.

The consumers request service through our app, and are automatically connected with the best available deskless worker. The consumer engages directly with the deskless worker while the CRM user takes a back seat and monitors. This experience is similar to the popular shared economy platforms that automate OnDemand Service Delivery (food, appliance, travel, etc).

We charge per monthly active user per month that connects to our platform. We monetize by selling our platform through Retail (Direct sale to enterprises), Wholesale (via resellers/partners), and White-l

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