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Help! I got ghosted by HR ‘after going through a million rounds’ of job interviews

By | Hanna Howard |

Dear Work It Out,

What do you do when you’re in the running for a new job and HR ghosts you after going through a million rounds?



Dear Ghosted,

I was laid off at the end of 2018, and though luckily I started a freelance job in January 2019 that covered my bills, I was looking for something full time and a little more permanent. A HR person had reached out to me to interview for a job at a website I was really interested in, so I met with the editor who would be managing the open role. The interview went well, and I was cautiously optimistic that I’d soon have a job that would cover my health care.

We then moved on to the next stage, an edit test comprising four prompts that required me to put together, at a minimum, nine story ideas, plus images to go along. 

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