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How Can We Prepare For A World Of Technology And Innovation?

By | Bernard Marr

We are currently experiencing ever-faster and more transformative technological innovation. We have seen the astonishing developments of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, genetic analysis, robotics, and many others, which are constantly reshaping businesses and entire industries.

One thing is clear, if businesses and individuals are not ready for this new world of ever-increasing innovation they risk being left behind.

There are few people better placed to understand the technology innovations and their implications than Consumer Technology Association CEO Gary Shapiro. I had the chance to talk to Shapiro about his new book following this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – the world’s biggest technology show, which, as head of the CTA, he has hosted for the past 30 years.

In his latest book ‘Ninja Future: Secrets To Success In The New World Of Innovation’ Shapiro urges business leaders to adopt the mentality of feudal Japan’s secretive and efficient ninja warriors.

As tempting as the prospect may be, this doesn’t mean learning to strike from the shadows, silently and lethally, to take out your competition with your sword and throwing stars.  

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