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How Digital Ads Could Save Your Business

By | Samantha Higgins

Right now, there are a number of businesses that are facing challenging times. However, you can’t just stop trying to gain new business. New business is the lifeblood that allows you to have the cash flow to continue your operations. If you are looking for a better way to get more business, then you should look at digital ads. You can gain a number of advantages by shifting some of your advertising budgets to digital ads. Here are six ways digital ads can grow your revenue and save your business.

1. Lower cost

First, digital ads can lower the cost of your overall ads. You don’t have to worry about making big media buys as you do on television or radio. You don’t have to go out and rent a billboard. You can buy website visitors, leads, appointments and sales for a few cents or a few dollars. Best of all, digital ad costs are extremely flexible. For instance, if you use Facebook ads, then you can set a daily budget or an overall ad campaign budget from as little as a few dollars. You can even turn off your ads if you want to make any changes. Controlling your ad costs is one of the top ways digital ads can help save your business.

2. Faster production time and lower production budget

One of the biggest drains on your marketing costs is production. It costs lots of money to make a TV or radio commercial. You also have to spend a good amount of money to create a billboard or a print ad. With digital ads, you can launch a campaign using simple photos or text. You don’t need to hire an art director or a graphic designer to create an effective digital ad.

Additionally, you can produce your digital ad quickly and get your campaign up and going. As the saying goes, time of money. With digital ads, you can jump ahead of the competition with faster digital ad campaigns.

3. Pinpoint targeting

With digital ads, you can literally target individuals with your digital ads. Known as IP targeting, you can take a lead list and get the corresponding IP address for each of those names. The IP address is the individual identifier of someone online. This will save you lots of money on your overall ad spending. Instead of showing your ad to 10,000 people in your zip code, you can show your ad to the 1,000 people most likely to be interested in your product or service.

4. Faster results

With digital ads, you know right away if your ad campaign is working. Compare that to a TV, radio or print campaign where it could take months to know if you get results. Ad results from digital campaigns can be almost instantaneous. This will allow you to kill unprofitable campaigns and scale up successful campaigns. This type of ad spend effectiveness can go a long way to save your business and increase revenue.

5. Simple split testing

The great thing about digital ads is that you know what works and what doesn’t work. This will allow you to refine your overall ad campaign message or your offer. You can do this easily by split testing your digital ads to see what works. For instance, you can have two offers for your customers: Offer A is a 10% discount code and offer B is free shipping on all orders. If the free shipping offer pulls better results, then you can dedicate more money to that campaign.

6. Easily scalable

When you have a digital ad campaign that works, it becomes easy to scale up that campaign. Compare that with television and radio or billboards where you have to wait for more media to be available. Digital ads can be instantly scalable on Facebook and Google. You simply up the daily ad budget and you are done. That means you can quickly increase your revenue on your winning ads.

Growing with digital ads

Digital ads are a smart way to save your business and get more revenue. That’s because digital ads are less expensive to run, easier to produce, provide better targeting, allows fast split testing, and allows for easy scalability. Learn more about digital ads and watch your business take off.


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