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How to have a brand party

By | Sridhar Ramanathan

My client had 4 brands in the beverage category. We often had a discussion about what each brand stood for. How is each brand different from one another. However, we could not articulate the difference well enough.

During the discussions I suggested we have a separate workshop on this. We invited all the brand team members from client and the agency side. Plus the market research team from their MR agency as well.

It occurred to us that we were getting entangled in a lot of jargon. It was important to avoid jargon if we wanted clarity.

My client (the marketing manager) and I discussed various options. And finally arrived at an interesting idea. We devised a new way to run the session. We did not seek anyone’s approval.

On the day we started by posing a question which seemed like an ice breaker.

There is a family in which Brand X, Brand Y, Brand Z, Brand A, Brand B and Brand C are members. Brand C is the teenage girl. Each of the brands Brand X, Brand Y, Brand Z, Brand A and Brand B was distinctly different from each other. In names, look and feel, pricing and so on. But all from the same family. All packaging carrying the mandatory company logo and colours.

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