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How to Move Your Business Across Country on a Budget

By | Regina Thomas

Planning to take your business across the country? In addition to getting your company up and moving, you’ll need to tackle the challenge of managing your funds while trying to get new clients on the other side of the country. Make sure your new business move goes as smoothly as possible by sticking to a budget during the process.

Taking Your Business Cross Country

A cross-country move requires a significant amount of organization, especially when transitioning your business. Make sure you stay on track in your upcoming move by keeping the following in mind:

1. Donate Old Equipment and Furniture

If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, moving can be particularly overwhelming. Help downsize prior to the move by parting ways with old equipment that you’re not taking with you. Donate or sell old computers, printed, furniture, phones, and other technology. If donating, be sure to take advantage of the tax break for sending these items to registered charities. If you sell your items, you’ll be able to use this money to purchase new equipment once you get settled after the move. 

2. Start Packing Early On

Starting early with the move will help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Begin packing as soon as possible to make sure everything is taken care of in an organized manner. If possible, give yourself several months to inventory all the items in your office and to pack everything up.

When moving your business on a budget, you can cut costs by using recycled cardboard boxes and other packing supplies. While you can purchase used boxes, consider asking nearby businesses to donate their used boxes to your business.

3. Label All Boxes

An easy way to make your move simpler is to label everything. Mark the sides and tops of your boxes as this will make it easier to locate what you need. For businesses with hundreds of boxes, making an inventory with a numbering system is the most efficient way to handle this process. Number your boxes and include a description of what’s inside each box. In addition to keeping you organized, this inventory will make it easier to see if anything is missing, damaged, or broken once you arrive at your new location.

4. Take Care of Your Personal Belongings

In addition to relocating your business, you’ll also need to tackle moving all your personal belongings. Take some time to iron out all the details of how you plan to handle all your personal responsibilities. If you’re planning to move your belongings, go ahead and choose one of the best moving companies in Singapore that you trust. Scheduling months ahead of time is the best way to ensure a smooth move.

Likewise, if you’re planning to fly to your destination, you’ll need to make arrangements for your vehicle. Research your options for car shipping to make sure your car arrives as soon as you do. This way, transportation won’t be an issue once you land in your new city.

5. Invest in Mover’s Insurance

As you ready your business for the move, don’t forget to get moving insurance. This insurance covers everything from the boxes you’re moving to your rental truck should you find yourself in an accident. Likewise, Three Movers commercial moving services, if you’re using a moving company,  insurance coverage is also a must to protect your belongings.

When moving especially expensive equipment and valuables, insurance and proof of ownership is essential. If anything gets damaged, stolen, or lost, you’ll be able to work with your insurance company to tackle the problem.

6. Keep Your Clients Updated

Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success ahead of your move by keeping your clients updated. Start by updating your contact information online and in any printed documents. Make sure your website, social media accounts, and business cards include your new address, current phone number, and any other pertinent details. Likewise, make sure all your personal information is up to date with your bank, creditors, the post office, and friends and family.

Moving your business can be quite challenging if you don’t hire professional movers, search online with terms like ‘Seattle business moving’. Make sure your company is ready to take its new city by storm by preparing for a successful move. Use this guide to help you ready your business for your upcoming relocation.


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