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Humor at work: How to avoid ‘boredroom’ meetings?

This article discusses the fictional characters A, B, C, and D in a meeting and how their traits resonate with real-life meetings. It criticizes the use of jargon and suggests three ways to improve meetings: simplifying language, being authentic, and promoting brevity. To test readability, the Flesch Kincaid score is recommended

Source | | Debleena Majumdar, ET Online

Ever met these characters in a meeting? Imagine that A, B, C and D are characters in a fictional meeting. Here is a snapshot of the meeting:

A seems to be speaking, mostly to himself.

His slides are flapping valiantly behind him.

His audience? Well, they are all ears.

B seems to have discovered a new mobile game.

He is darting yearning glances at his device, between a few strategic yes-es.

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