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If you want to keep your company culture like a real Start-up

Source | | Vignesh Athipathy

Disclaimer – this is a general article, and it is not directed to any individual or organization. If it resonates, then feel free to bring in some change in your organization and start building the true start-up culture.

Employee Engagement & Employee Experience are two different things! Only if an employee experience is good in a company will they become engaged. Experience is an ongoing activity and engagement is the outcome of it. It is okay for every company to aspire to become a start-up. But then ensure you start enriching your employee experience by building good people practices – digital and flexible, like other real start-up’s.


Things to watch out for before you join a company who claims that they have a start-up culture:

· If you want to join a start-up or a company aspiring to become a start-up, do not read the glass door reviews of an active employee, most of this is crafted for some brownie points given by HR. To get true insights read the reviews given by an employee who has left the organization. If a company treats an employee differently when he or she is leaving a company, then that is a big sign to watch out for.

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