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Interviewer:So tell me about yourself ?

Source | LinkedIn | Ravi C Dasgupta

Me : I’d rather not, I kind of need this job !

At the start of my career, I used to enter any interview with a feeling close to trepidation. Though I had done my management from one of the best institutes in the country, and had done reasonably well for myself; I still did not have the self confidence that I developed later on in my career.

And so hearing an interviewer ask “So tell me about yourself?” was always welcome. It filled me with calm, and allowed me to steer the conversation to areas that I wished to discuss. My success rate in those initial interviews that I attended was more or less a 100%.

But as I grew in my career, and began to take interviews myself, I came to look on this question differently. It told me that the interviewer had probably not had more than a summary glance at my CV, and was perhaps, inadequately prepared to interview me.

So lets look at why interviewers ask this question. Setting the candidate at ease may be the reason some interviewers use it, but really speaking, in today’s world most candidates have attended enough and more interviews and don’t need mollycoddling.

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