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Is your job one of those threatened by HR tech?

New technology will take over many HR functions. Are you going to lose your job? Read on to know

Source | | Aarushi Bhargava

No, we are not talking of any sci-fi fantasy in which robots take over human jobs and start running our world. We are talking of a near-future scenario when HR departments will embrace the fast-emerging technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and analytics. Consequently, many functions will be fully automated — which means the human resources departments will have fewer humans.

In a 2019 TimesJobs survey of more than 1,200 HR professionals representing diverse industry verticals, 52 per cent respondents said the composition of the future workforce would see less humans due to rising automation. More alarming was the response to the question ‘Which departments will become redundant with rising automation?’ The biggest chunk of respondents — 23 per cent — chose human resources.

What about your HR job? Will automation take over your job too, leaving you at your wits’ end?

We decided to ask a few experts. And the short answer is you won’t lose your job but you may have to learn new skills to retain it. Read on for the long answer:

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