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Leena Nair on how HR drives business value at Unilever

Source | LinkedIn | David Green | People Analytics leader | Director, Insight222 & | Conference speaker | Board advisor, TrustSphere

Our guest this week’s episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast doesn’t need much of an introduction as she is one of the most recognised, respected and passionate voices in our field and a real catalyst of change for our profession: Leena Nair, the Chief HR Officer at Unilever.

Leena encapsulates her purpose as being “to ignite the human spark to build a better business and a better world,” and regularly speaks passionately about the need to become more human in our increasingly digital age.

Leena and her team at Unilever are rightly regarded as an exemplar for next generation HR, which at the same time is more business focused and more human. Leena is a pioneer. She was the first woman appointed to Unilever’s Southeast Asia leadership team and she is now Unilever’s first female CHRO.

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