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LinkedIn Marketing Trends in 2024: What’s Changing and What’s Staying

Explore the latest Linked Marketing Trends for 2024. Learn how AI automation, video dominance, interactive content and user generated content can boost engagement

By | Peter Karl

LinkedIn is actively used by a large number of people who are in search of job opportunities. LinkedIn currently has 930 million members of CEOs and business leaders looking to hire job seekers and build great connections strategically utilizing the platform (Source: LinkedIn).

However, LinkedIn has evolved from being just a job portal and has become a strong platform for B2B and B2C marketers. Thus, this transformation of LinkedIn makes it crucial for businesses to share interesting and exciting content to engage and connect with different brands. For this reason, many changes have also come in the strategy of  LinkedIn marketing; one such strategy that marketers heavily utilize is to LinkedIn feeds into website.

Nowadays LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to use tools like video content, informative carousel posts, polls, etc to keep their connection engaged and build more new connections. As 2024 approaches LinkedIn is following news trends in its marketing strategy. This article has shared some of them; you need to watch them to stand out in this digital competition. 

Keep reading to learn about the trends.

Trends To Be Follow In 2024 For LinkedIn Marketing

In this ever-evolving digital marketing landscape if you want to shape your LinkedIn page it is crucial to keep track of the latest trends. Below is the list of some of the LinkedIn marketing trends that have been shared with you. The list of trends has been made looking into the changing landscape of LinkedIn marketing. It is important to give your LinkedIn page a competitive edge. So, consider adding them to your marketing strategy for 2024 if your goal is to make more positive connections on LinkedIn and thrive.

Without further ado let’s get into them straight.

a.   Include the power of AI in marketing

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a powerful source in today’s modern marketing age. You don’t need to be scared of the power of AI. Instead, it will be great if you utilize it for business growth. AI is a great invention that can make your work smoother. The algorithm of AI will recommend attractive personalized content, predict analytics, and help boost user engagement and chatbots. With AI you get the power to personalize everything which will hugely satisfy the users. The best example of this can be given to you is the recommendation of Netflix.

b.   Rise of video marketing

Modern customers can be engaged with video marketing as they grab their attention the most rather than any textual marketing. The human brain is designed in such a way that it can remember information better through videos. Thus, in 2024 the focus needs to be more on video content if you want to engage a large base of audience. So, it is time for businesses to show off their creativity and create alluring video content for their LinkedIn post. It has been found in the studies that 80% of the traffic on the internet is generated by video content which proves how engaging they will be in 2024.

c.   Interactive content

Modern audiences love interactive content to interact with, it helps them to engage better with the businesses. If you are wondering what to post on your LinkedIn page that will boost user engagement then polls, surveys, and quizzes will surely help you. It’s a whole mind game. This type of content attracts audiences to actively participate in them. Research has shown that posting interactive content on LinkedIn helps you to convert two times more audiences (Source: LinkedIn). So this is the time to strategize your LinkedIn content creatively to be able to boost conversion in 2024.

d.   Utilize User-generated content to build community

If you desire to build a good connection on LinkedIn then you must aim to foster a good relationship with the wide audiences on the platform. It is time to utilize the power of user-generated content. So, what is this user-generated content, it’s the honest testimonials of your customers about your products that are shared on various online review platforms. Reports say that 92% of potential customers love to acknowledge other recommendations in their buying journey (Source: LinkedIn). User-generated content is the most effective way to build the trust of your large audience and this will help your LinkedIn page to build a trusted community.

Wrapping Up

Want to hold your LinkedIn marketing rope tight then you need to keep yourself up to date with its changing curve. It has become very crucial as well if you want to stay ahead of the competitive crowd. Your efforts will surely help you to build your business LinkedIn page.

This article has shared some of the latest trends in LinkedIn marketing to be followed in 2024. If you are looking to create more positive connections on LinkedIn then you need to keep up with the trends and use them to your advantage.

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