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Making Coaching a Positive Development Opportunity

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Client Profile & Challenge: American Healthcare System

When a major U.S.-based healthcare system first engaged CCL, it had an active internal coaching program. However, the program was unstructured and there was no assessment process. Across the organization, many leaders perceived coaching as a tool to correct poor performance, so being coached was viewed negatively rather than as a leadership development opportunity.

The healthcare system wanted to improve the skills of its coaches, assess coaching outcomes, increase the number of active coaches, and shift the culture so that coaching was viewed as a positive opportunity for those participating in it. At the same time, the organization wanted to ensure that existing coaches could continue to bring their unique skills to coaching engagements.

Making Coaching Be Seen as a Positive Opportunity in a Healthcare Context

The healthcare system needed a partner that could provide sophisticated training to existing and new coaches, plus collaborate as it sought to create a more coaching-focused culture.

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