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Missing Time To Improve Yourself? Embrace the 1 Hour Rule Followed by Elon Musk

This rule will allow you to make your daily improvement a priority

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Becoming a better version of ourselves day after day is the goal we all need to pursue. You are well aware that this is essential in an ever-changing world. If you don’t evolve by trying to improve yourself by 1% every day as Warren Buffett constantly advises, you will end up being overwhelmed.

You have read that Warren Buffett has been applying his letter to the rule for decades by reading nearly 500 pages a day.

You don’t have enough time to improve yourself day by day

Unfortunately, the Oracle of Omaha has something you don’t have: a lot of time to spend reading every day. When you’re a billionaire, things are certainly easier. On your side, you either have a 9–5 job, or you’re an entrepreneur. Either way, your schedule is very busy.

You have some free time, of course, but you spend it watching TV to relax. Sometimes you spend this free time with your smartphone scrolling endlessly on the applications of your favorite social networks. When you look at the distribution of your application usage time on your smartphone, you realize that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat take up far too much space.

By spending so much time on these distractions, you’re certain that you’ll never get better every day as Warren Buffett recommends.

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