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Networking Is All About Farming, Not Hunting.

Source | LinkedIn | Bob Ryan | Executive Coach & Advisor / Career & Life Management, Portfolio Life & Work Design / C-Level Coach -Conversation Partner

Anyone in job search mode needs to plant a lot of seeds.

When it comes to a person’s job search, networking is more about farming than it is about hunting. That’s because networking typically results in the person planting the seed for building a relationship that will lead to a recommendation, which will eventually lead to that next job possibly directly, but most likely indirectly. 

The farming metaphor works because anyone in job search mode will need to plant a lot of seeds, or make those initial connections, which will need to be nurtured through time as part of the networking strategy. The idea is that all of the seeds will germinate and spread their roots into a vast network. The key to this strategy is that during the various networking meetings or calls it is advice that candidates are asking for; not a job. All it takes is one of those many root systems you have planted to land that job

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