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Paying people more may not solve the labor shortage. Here’s what companies need to do to attract more workers, according to a Wharton professor.


  • Employers should think more broadly about recruitment to attract staff, said a Wharton professor.
  • Peter Capelli spoke to Knowledge@Wharton podcast about his latest report on the labor market.

Everyone seems to be talking about the state of the labor market.

Businesses across multiple sectors complain that they’re been struggling to hire staff for months. At the same time, record numbers of Americans are leaving their jobs — a record 4.4 million quit in September. There are many reasons behind what has been dubbed “the great resignation,” and many companies are increasing wages and offering bonuses to retain and attract staff.

But employers should use labor market issues as an opportunity to think more broadly about recruitment, according to Peter Capelli, Wharton professor of management and director of the school’s Centre for Human resources.

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